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The doctors at Folsom Psychiatry Associates offer both psychotherapy and counseling to their patients. Whether you’re in need of one on one therapy, or you’re interested in group sessions, or support groups, the doctors and staff have years of experience and are capable of handling many different mental health conditions.

Psychotherapy & Counseling Q & A

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Is Psychotherapy Beneficial When Dealing With Bipolar Disorder?

Psychotherapy and counseling are beneficial with almost every type of mental illness, including bipolar disorder. Regular meetings with a therapist give a person useful coping skills that they can apply to their lives. When used in conjunction with the appropriate forms and dosages of medications, the patient may be able to live a normal life. In some cases, graduating from psychotherapy sessions to group sessions or support groups can help a person maintain a level of normality after they have reached a state of balance. Each person will have good and bad times. Maintaining a positive working relationship with their psychotherapist is extremely important so the doctor is able to remain abreast of any changes in the patient's overall behavior.

When is Counseling Recommended?

Counseling is often recommended if a person starts to act differently from their normal, everyday self. When a person has suffered a tragic loss, such as the death of a loved one, they may become depressed far beyond what is expected within the grieving process. Patients who are diagnosed with a mental illness will benefit from psychotherapy and counseling as they begin to learn about the details and symptoms of their disorder. During the first few months of treatment, the doctor will be able to gather information to help with the formulation of an effective treatment plan.

Can Counseling Help With Bullying?

Counseling is a beneficial tool when it comes to many different social issues and how they affect the young and old alike. Bullying is one of the most commonly discussed topics between counselors, psychotherapists, and their patients. People of all ages are bullied. Counseling can benefit both victim and perpetrator, providing both with valuable information on how to handle certain behaviors and situations that can cause repercussions far beyond the initial altercation. By working together with the counselor both parties will become more aware of the other party's feelings and help them understand how to handle situations in a constructive and compassionate way.

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