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Medication Management in Folsom, CA

Would You Like to Learn More About the Medications You Are Taking, How They Affect You and How to Take Them Properly So That You Get the Best Results? Talk to One of Our Doctors Today to Find out How You Can Get Optimum Results From Your Medication.

Medication Management in Folsom, CA

The professional staff of Folsom Psychiatry Associates offers medication management and individualized treatment options for each of their patients. Prescribing the right medications is only helpful if they’re also correctly administered. Help is available for residents living in the Sacramento and Folsom areas to discuss their medication management with the team of specialists at Folsom Psychiatry Associates.

Medication Management Q & A

What is Involved in Medication Management?

Medication management involves working with a patient and helping them to manage their mental illness by taking their medications according to a set schedule. Individuals who have other health conditions and take a variety of medications may need help determining the best time to take their meds so they are most effective. Even in situations where no other medical conditions are present, successfully managing the medications associated with mental illnesses takes planning. For the patient to effectively control their disorder, their medication must be successfully managed and taken according to a strict schedule to prevent them from experiencing a failure in their medication’s effectiveness.

Can Medication Management Prevent Substance Abuse?

Yes. Medication management requires the doctor and the patient to work together to carefully schedule when meds are taken and in what dosages. This type of medication control is essential when it comes to controlling chronic pain and certain types of acute pain associated with migraines and cluster headaches. The medications used for many mental illnesses and chronic pain can be extremely potent and may be abused if the person does not know exactly how to take each one. Working with the doctor on a regular basis to effectively manage a person’s medications will prevent accidental, or even intentional, forms of abuse. It will also ensure that the patient knows the proper way to take their medications for the best results.

When is Medication Management Recommended?

Medication management is recommended whenever the patient’s health relies on the use of potent medications to maintain a normal balance for optimum health. The doctors at Folsom Psychiatry Associates will often recommend medication management for patients who have had problems using their medications properly in the past. This can mean constantly forgetting to take them or taking them too often, causing a substance abuse problem. One tool a doctor may use to help manage a certain type of medication is an order for regular blood tests to determine if the right amount of drug is in the bloodstream. If not, it may mean that the person has forgotten to take their medications and better management is needed.