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Genetic Testing in Folsom, CA

Need to Find the Medication That Is Right for You? Book an Appointment with One of Our Qualified Medical Professionals to Get Your Genetic Test Done Today. Genetic Testing Helps Patients Find the Right Medication to Suit Their Individual Needs.

Genetic Testing in Folsom, CA

At Folsom Psychiatry Associates, the doctors and staff offer genetic testing and many other useful diagnostic tools that allow them to quickly and efficiently diagnose many different types of health conditions. The facility serves residents throughout the Folsom and Sacramento, California areas and encourages them to visit the facility if they have questions concerning genetic testing.

Genetic Testing Q & A

When is Genetic Testing Recommended?

Genetic testing offers a myriad of valuable information to medical professionals. It can provide help making an accurate diagnosis and it can also show how the body is able to metabolize or break down specific types of medications. Genetic testing can assist with a diagnosis and show doctors what types of medications will be best suited for certain individuals. This way an accurate and effective treatment plan can be formulated that will meet the individual’s needs. Genetic testing allows doctors to see how the body will use a medication, enabling them to choose a dosage or a special combination that will achieve maximum utilization.

What Does Genetic Testing Reveal?

Genetic testing shows physicians how the body utilizes medications. When genetic testing is used, it can eliminate the old trial and error process that can take many months before the right formulation is discovered. Genetic testing can offer a patient an exact treatment plan in as little as 60 days, giving them a faster solution to their mental or emotional issue. The doctor will use the results from the testing to identify the exact combination and potency that will be utilized by the body to produce the best results in a minimum amount of time.

What is Involved in Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is very simple. Collecting the sample is non-invasive and will produce accurate results, each and every time. The doctor will use a q-tip-like instrument known as a buccal swab to collect a sample of your DNA from the interior of your cheek. Once the sample has been collected, the swab will be sent to the laboratory where it will be tested and evaluated, providing the doctor with the information they need to help formulate the type of medication needed to help the person begin the process of regaining their health, and their life. Genetic testing may also inform the doctor about other health conditions that need to be addressed.