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Depression Treatment in Folsom, CA

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Depression Treatment in Folsom, CA

At Folsom Psychiatry Associates, the professional staff has many years of experience treating depression and other mental health disorders. The staff welcomes new patients who may be experiencing difficulties and want solutions. The facility serves residents throughout the Sacramento, California area, including residents in and around the Folsom community.

Depression Q & A

Is Depression Preventable?

Depression may be preventable if a person is otherwise healthy or if they have chronic health issues that can be treated. Individuals who have chemical imbalances within the brain may not be able to control whether or not they become depressed. Bipolar disorder is one condition in which depression may eventually play a role. If a person has a chronic health condition that causes constant pain or prevents them from living a full and active life, it may lead to depressive tendencies and suicidal thoughts. Controlling the pain may be the answer to raising their mood and eliminating the depressed thoughts and improving their life.

Can It Be a Symptom of Other Health Conditions?

Depression is often a symptom of other health conditions. It can also be a side effect of potent medications. Individuals who have lost a limb, sustained irreversible physical damage, or have had a severe illness that prevents them from returning to their prior level of activity, may experience enough stress to cause one to lose interest in their life, their job, or their family. While the person may not have shown any signs of depression prior to the traumatic event or illness, living with constant pain or the inability to perform normal, everyday tasks can lead to severe emotional upset. Psychotherapy and counseling may be able to assist in helping one overcome the emotional challenges faced when dealing with the aftermath of a physical illness or injury.

What are Possible Treatment Options for Depression?

In addition to psychotherapy, counseling, medications, support groups, and behavioral therapies, exercise is an excellent way to address certain issues that lead to depression. Regular exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals in the body that help to elevate a person’s mood and enhance their feelings of well-being. One of the side effects of obesity is depression. The longer a person remains overweight, the more likely they are to become depressed. Depression may reduce one’s levels of activity, which in turn could bring about weight gain. Learning to exercise on a regular basis, even if the amount is small at first, can help to improve a person’s mood. Exercise can help a patient regain control of their life and be an effective tool for reaching weight goals.