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Anxiety Treatment Folsom, CA

At Folsom Psychiatry Associates, Our Experienced Team of Psychiatrists Specializes in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Anxiety & Panic Disorders. To Book an Appointment, Please Call (916) 249-0321. We Are Located at 510 Plaza Drive # 170 Folsom, CA 95630.

Anxiety Treatment Folsom, CA

Anxiety can be debilitating when it begins to affect a person’s quality of life. At Folsom Psychiatry Associates, the highly trained staff specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. The staff encourages residents of the Sacramento and Folsom, California areas to make an appointment with the facility if they experience any type of anxiety or panic issues.

Anxiety Q & A

What Triggers Anxiety?

Anxiety is a disorder that enhances feelings of nervousness, panic, and fear past their normal limits until they cause the person to become almost incapacitated. An anxiety attack is triggered by different things for different people. Some people may have a fear of loud noises or large crowds. While a person with normal anxiety levels will be able to process their surroundings and gauge their reactions accordingly, a person with anxiety disorder will become extremely fearful, almost to the point of totally shutting down. Individuals who have anxiety disorder can often learn to control their attacks by learning cognitive skills and making positive lifestyle changes. Along with counseling and psychotherapy, the patient can maintain control of their environment in a way they find most comfortable.

Can Anxiety Be Controlled?

In mild cases, the patient can learn to adapt to their surroundings by using learned behavioral skills. With psychotherapy and counseling, the patient can learn to assess situations that in the past would have sent them into an anxiety attack. The patient can take the steps necessary to make them feel safe and secure. If a situation escalates or gets out of control, the patient will be able to take steps to get the help they need to once again feel safe and out of harm’s way. Individuals who have their condition under control for the most part, may benefit from a mild dose of medication they can use in situations where they have no other backup plan. The doctors at Folsom Psychiatry Associates will be able to help them determine if this type of treatment is necessary.

What are the Main Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders and panic attacks have a variety of symptoms ranging in severity depending on the situation at hand. Irregular heartbeat, rapid pulse, shaking hands, inability to concentrate, shortness of breath, paranoia, and irritability are just a few of the most common symptoms. Some people may sweat profusely, while others may want to wrap themselves up in a blanket. Most people will shrink away from the public eye and be content to remain in a corner and let others assume control. If the panic or anxiety gets out of control, crying, whining, and hysterics may result, especially if the person continues to be put in a position in which their comfort zone is forced far past its original boundaries.