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Welcome to Folsom Psychiatry Associates! Our Experienced Team of Psychiatrists Offers a Wide Range of Mental Health Services Including Psychotherapy & Counseling Services, Depression Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, Medication Management, and Genetic Testing. Please Call at 916-351-9400 or Visit Us at 510 Plaza Dr #170, Folsom, CA 95630.

Over eight million people in the U.S. have some type of mental health problem. However, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, only about half of the individuals who suffer will get the help they need. At Folsom Psychiatry Associates, serving Folsom, CA and the surrounding area, we encourage individuals to seek out our assistance to promote better mental health throughout our community.

Definition of Mental Health

Mental health is a term used to describe your emotional and behavioral well-being. People who suffer from a mental health issue may have a mild to severe case. No matter the severity, it can affect the person’s life in terms of work and relationships with others.

About Us

We’re a psychiatry office in Folsom, California who serves the greater Sacramento region. Each of our staff members is passionate about mental health and has a genuine desire to help patients. We assistour patients through counseling as well as medication therapy. Not to mention, we’re capable of treating a variety of health conditions from psychosis to ADHD.

We treat every patient who enters our doors uniquely because we realize that no two people are alike and no two cases of a condition mimic one another. Therefore, we supply each patient with a personalized care plan.

Conditions We Treat

We’re able to take patients of all ages. We diagnose mood disorders including bipolar, general depression, and major depressive disorder. Our clinic can diagnose issues like generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic disorder. We even help people who have phobias overcome their fears.

Some of our patients have a condition known as psychosis, which is a disorder that causes the inability to distinguish between real and unreal. People with it may see or hear things or suffer from delusions. At our facility, you may find treatment for obsessive-compulsive in addition to eating or personality disorders. We treat schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well. We even help adults and children with ADHD learn to focus and manage their symptoms.

Treatments We Provide

In order to treat your condition effectively, we must first determine the underlying cause. Often, we can do so by just speaking with you. However, we can use diagnostics like genetic testing to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of a variety of conditions. We also use genetic testing to decide on the most appropriate treatment approach for you.

Psychotherapy and counseling are the most common treatments we provide at our clinic. Even with medications, we believe our patients benefit from these treatment techniques. It allows you to talk openly about your personal problems as well as your mental health condition. A member of our staff will help you work through your issues verbally and learn coping mechanisms.

In some cases, we do prescribe a medication to help manage your condition since the mental health issue may stem from an imbalance in the brain. We provide you with an adequate amount of education about your prescription and when to take it to avoid complications. We’ll supply you with a schedule and closely monitor refills to reduce the prevalence of substance abuse problems. Once you’re on a medication and aren’t experiencing side effects, we still continuously monitor you and adjust dosing and scheduling as needed.

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Accepted Insurance Providers

Folsom Psychiatry Associates works with most major insurances. If you have any questions, please call our office and one of our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to help.

Patient Reviews & Feedback

I would like to extend a very special Thank you to the girls that work for this office. You have been so patient and kind Thank you all.

Folsom Psychiatry Associates in Folsom, CA


Alethea is amazing! By far the best therapist I’ve ever had! Thank you to Dr. Soliman as well. My experience here has turned my life around.

Folsom Psychiatry Associates in Folsom, CA


Great service by the staff, they are all nice and respectful and considerate of whatever has brought you to see them. It took a while…

Folsom Psychiatry Associates in Folsom, CA